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Natal Drums

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:55 am

I've seen the product advertisements on System Blue's website, and I got to try them out a little at PASIC this year, but I want to get some other opinions from people who've tried the new Natal/System Blue carbon fiber drums on what they think of them. Personally I like them, but I don't really have enough experience with them to compare to other brands, aside from the fact that they're light as hell.
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Re: Natal Drums

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 7:40 am

These system blue drums were manufactured in TianJin, China, a city beside the capital Beijing, which is where i'm living. Several my instructors have been to factory, and knew something, one of my teachers had joined the design of the drums. The name of the factory's brand is JinBao actually, but the JinBao products were honestly really bad, its not a good brand, but these years the factory have done a lot of manufacture for other brands. They've done Dynasty's manufacture several years ago, not anymore, and they started the manufacture for Natal and for System blue, the reason is because Blue Devils had planned some cooperate with JinBao. The marching snare from Jinbao themselves were made of 7 ply birch, the natal's is 4 ply, same material. I've tried them, they were incredibly light weight, and produce a wonderful sound. However, i dont want to buy it because of the history of JinBao not good, their products were considered worst in China, i dont think that they will improve so much on their manufacturing work. That's all my personal views, you can email me: if you want to know more about Jinbao and System Blue
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