Horrible Drumming Situtation

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Horrible Drumming Situtation

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:29 pm

:? This is going to be a LONG story, as it is bugs me. Godspeed to anyone who actually reads this.

I'm a freshmen in high school, Since last year I've been prepping to join DCA's Erie ThunderBirds and WGI's Burning River Percussion(Now dead) as my brother was doing it at the time. I think highly of drumming and the people I am surrounded with do not have that same philosophy.

I couldn't wait to enter into high school because I'd actually be playing on a real drumline. Our drumline auditions were HORRIBLE. So the drumline currently struggles with 8's and keeping together at a 120 bpm tempo. We have seniors that do not give a single *beep* about what they are doing, and we have this 1 senior snare that is on his first year of snare playing that just plays what he feels. If we confront him about his playing, or tell him that he is playing a rhythm wrong, he will reply "Sorry, it's the drum/pad" and walk away. He won't listen, and doesn't care because he is a senior. We have 1 caring senior, and he is an asshat bass drum. I'll explain how *beep* our drumline is in more detail, but there have been a lot of *beep* things to me going up to this point.

John S. Pratt's drum corps on parade is regarded as a senior A class solo and is SO difficult for our school's percussion that it is only allowed to be played as a senior because no one has the skill to play it. I attempted it in 8th grade and was talked down by my music teacher because he kept insisting that I would never learn to play it. I had it memorized and was able to play it, and verified with drum teachers. He never heard me play because he didn't want to even listen. Our best senior got a 2 on it. It's taboo to play it anything lower than a senior. I'm playing it this year because I forced and begged my teacher to listen to me for 3 months. I played it infront of him, without music(He was looking at music though.). He finally agreed to let me play it. It's not a hard solo.

I auditioned for quads, and our quads at our high school have been in use since 1989. They are really obsolete, really high up, and require you to bend your wrist, rather than move your arm. Forcing you into bad habits. I have my own tenors, a 6 drum tenor. These ones are horrible and sound bad. I tried out for these in front of 3 judges. Our 2 band teachers, and our bandcamp drum teacher. I was told by 1 band teacher and my drum teacher that I played those better than any other audition. My other band teacher pulled me aside, and told me that he would not place me on them, because a sophomore and a senior tried out for them. Therefore, they will get them because we only have 2 sets of quads. He then placed me last on the snare line by default.

I was so pissed off because of this, I couldn't believe he would do that solely on year of attending high school. This band teacher is also just really stupid. He cares only about trombones and will never let drums play except at performances. He will not let them practice during our scheduled rehearsals. He'll have them march, but not play. We have sectionals, and I have been yelled at for playing the correct rhythm because our center snare insists it is not that rhythm. I have even checked with a few DCA and WGI members and they have told me I was playing it correctly.

It sounds douchey, but it's just how I feel. I am playing at a level much higher than everyone, but was never given the chance to show them. They are struggling with 8's and quit if it's too hard. We have marches where we play our drum cadence, *beep* up, and just march in silence for the rest of the march. It sucks because I cannot correct our snare line. They refuse to believe me and do what they want. No one cares about drumming and all say that once they are a senior they will just stop caring all together. They care about concert band however, but I do not. Which also brings this up, I made concert band and not symphonic band. Why? Because I didn't show up to auditions because I do not care about concert band. They all say that I suck because I am in concert band and they are in symphonic band. What they are playing is not even hard. It's something I was able to play in 5th grade by sight-reading. I have their sheet music for symphonic band. (http://i68.tinypic.com/2z8qbza.jpg).

Our center snare said that snare number 4 is so much better than me because he is in CYWS and in Symphonic band. Wow that's cool, concert band. A band with a completely different feel and something I really do not care about. I'm trying out for WGI and DCA, and have the try out packets memorized. They just annoy me so much and they don't even care. Once during the march where we *beep* up, I was the only one playing and I even played the snare solo which is reserved for the center snare. 1 of my band teachers yelled and cussed me out. The other told me that even though I shouldn't have just taken over, it helped and was impressed.

The center snare and I are playing Drum corps on parade. She is a senior. I am a freshmen. I have it memorized from last year and practice it a lot. She can't play it above 90 bpm accurately. She says that I am *beep* because I am in concert band. She doesn't even know what I do or what I can do. I don't know what to do in this situation.

I'm going to try out for center snare next year, I can easily steal it, but I don't know what to do because my band teacher might take it away from me and give it to the new senior (current 2nd snare).

I have no idea what to do, everyone around me sucks. No one can play consistently and correctly above 100 bpm. They get flustered and quit after they play one thing wrong. They don't care about drumming. They never gave me a chance to prove to them that I can outplay them. They struggle with easy tasks. My band teacher doesn't care because I'm not a horn player nor am I a senior.

This pisses me off so much, how do I even attempt to solve this? Can't wait for my teachers reaction why I tell him I'm playing the Solo Tornado by Mitch Markovich

I'm sorry for the long post, what do I even do? Thanks :roll:

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Re: Horrible Drumming Situtation

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:02 am

Here's what you do:

Suck it up, accept that you aren't in charge, do your own thing and keep getting better, and just deal with it

Edit: also probably check your ego
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Re: Horrible Drumming Situtation

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:29 pm

It's high school band. It sounds harsh, but lower your expectations. You can't make somebody care about something that they clearly don't care about. It's great that you do, and while everybody else isn't getting better, you can move on to much bigger and better things than them on your own.

Auditioning for WGI, DCA, DCI... those are all great experiences because you get to spend time with people who actually really enjoy what they're doing.
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Re: Horrible Drumming Situtation

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:45 pm

I agree with both comments. I was never able to play in a marching band, but I've found guys who love drum corps just as much as I do and we do alright. Also, it sounds like your school's music staff is just no good. They might be favorable to winds, but to be a successful director you gotta take everyone into account, so you're right about that.
Also, I agree that you attitude to the people who don't and won't care is off. Again, you sound pretty capable. Find an open class or WGI corps and audition. Those guys (and gals) love their activity.
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