Unaccented Flams

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Unaccented Flams

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:07 pm

I have an exercise in an audition packet that is a flam exercise, and is basically a flam & diddle grid. It's triplet flam drags with shifted accents, triplet cheeses with shifted accents, and flam fives with shifted accents.

When you shift the accent from on the flam to off the flam (accents 6 inches, unaccented 3 inches), should the flams become double stops? I know this could be open to interpretation by whoever wrote it, but how would you play it?

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Re: Unaccented Flams

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:36 am

Accent- 9"
Tap- 3"
Grace note- 1"

The difference between your tap and grace will be almost indistinguishable, but it's what separates the greats from everyone else. Never double stop though. If you do you'll pop and you'll break from the sound.
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Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:44 am

Pretty much what TheKingofNone said. The "official" grace note height is somewhere between 1-1.5 inches. However, as much has become more demanding, it has become acceptable to play your grace notes at tap height. Especially when playing something such as fast Flam Accents, where the grace note is surrounded by taps, this becomes very beneficial and convenient. However, if the primary note is at 3, then you cannot possibly play the grace note at the same height. Therefore the grace note height must be lowered. Of course, in a perfect world all grace notes would be at 1 but the difficulty and number of notes in common literature has made this a near impossible task.

Happy drumming!

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