How would this be counted/played?

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playin' eights
playin' eights
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How would this be counted/played?

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:20 pm

Having trouble reading these 16th notes with a 6 on top, I found another forum it was in another language but it said they were Paradiddles I'm really confused. Thanks!
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Re: How would this be counted/played?

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:34 am

The first one is a paradidde-diddle and the next two are paradiddles with a shifted accent or could also be translated as puh duh-duhs.

If reading this is a challenge for you, do you really think this is where your focus should be and not on basics, or even the standard 40 rudiments?

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Re: How would this be counted/played?

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:22 pm

Those "16th notes with a 6 on top" are called "sixtuplets". It's the same concept as triplets which puts 3 notes inside a quarter note, sixtuplets put 6 notes inside of a quarter note.

I've never bothered counting sixtuplets because they are usually too fast for me to say without mumbling everything. So I looked some up and this forum has a nice discussion about different sixtuplet counting methods. ... hp?t=47899

I'll list some here:
1 - trip - let - and - trip - let
1 - an - duh - AND - an - duh
1 - ta - la - ta - li - ta
1 - a - ti - a - to - a
1 - er - e - and - er - e

While the rhythm is a sixtuplet, the stickings are a paradiddle-diddle in measure 2 and two paradiddles in measure 4. If these words are confusing to you, you should look at this list of rudiments. These are all basic skills that you should be comfortable playing BEFORE trying to play a world class drums corps snare book.

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Re: How would this be counted/played?

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:19 pm

Yes, stay out of the corps' snare books. They are only for you, and most of us, to watch, listen, and admire.

You can, however, find those sixtuplets in Stone's Stick Control book in different formats and time signatures. Interesting use of the syllables listed above. I always wondered if someone had a better way to say "trip-ple-let". Sometimes I don't count them myself. They are so hard to say we usually just find other markers (land marks/trail of bread crumbs) in between to keep our place. For me, it always depends on 1st, the time signature, and 2nd the sticking or accents around the triplets, and 3rd the "size" of the triplets.

Time signature 4/4 or 6/8 and related: duple/triple. Add tempo and count style, 6/8 in 2 or 6/8 in 6.
Sticking: straight alternated in groups of 3; or mixed like a paradiddle-diddle.
Size: quarter note triplets; 8th note; 16th notes, 9:2, etc.

Here are my favorite ways to count that I like to switch:

Bug-uh-duh Bug-uh-duh: I use this one in 4 with one triplet down and one up most often. It is the quickest for me to say because it starts with the lips, goes to back of tongue, and then to the tip of the tongue. Pud-a and Put-un-da sounds a silly to me. "Pud" was a slang, derogatory term to call someone back in my day but never mind that...

123 456

bug-uh dug-uh dug-uh

1& 2& 3& 4& 5& 6&

1 3 5 for right hands. when accents are present forcing me to keep up with the left, I'll count a 2, 4, or 6. Or...1 34 6 | 1 345 |1 345 |1 3456 |1||. This one most often when quarter note triplets or 9 over 2 counts (9-lets) are present.

If tempo is really fast in a pattern my eyes can recognize quickly, I'll say: "guzzzh duzzzsh dut dah duh dah" |: Rlr Lrl RlR lrL :||

There are so many ways to count it. Find one you like. Beginners should be learning triplets and new ways to write, read, count, and play rhythms right away. The DCI books are way too hard, though. Good luck.

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