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Re: The Girls Thread

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:33 pm

lol the amount of sexism on this thread is infinite
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Re: The Girls Thread

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:19 pm

So i'm writing this for a few reasons. One: to share my story, just because I find it a pretty funny yet sad story. Two: To give a worst case example of a high school relationship. Three: to then say that not all high school relationships are bad, because they really aren't.

So im a junior in high school. Never had a girlfriend before, but it didn't really bother me. One of my friends wants to hook me up with her friend and i'm pretty excited so we start texting a lot and we get to know each other pretty well. Turns out that she has a lot of problems: cutting, starving herself even though she's like 100 pounds, her uncle committed suicide last year... the list goes on. To add to the list, the last guy she liked refused to date her unless she blew him, which just made her have major trust issues.

So we get to know each other really well, she comes to the football games to see me play (drums of course), we go out with friend's to Applebee's after games, etc... We end up going out, but every day, I have to help her deal with the things mentioned above. Of course, i'm more than happy to do it, but eventually after a few hours of doing it and her not listening to my reasoning for 'why it's a bad idea to cut yourself', I get exhausted. Not to mention that this is a really important school year with college, and physics class. God I hate physics so much...

Fast forward a few weeks, we have our first kiss together, she says she loves me after 3 weeks, which at first I was kind of skeptical, but I guess since I helped her out a lot maybe her feelings are justified. She's pretty much obsessed with me, and me with her. Although the relationship isn't perfect, with all the cutting and stuff, it's still all I could want from her. I end up asking her to the Winter dance, and everything's good from there.

It's the day of the winter dance. We get there and we're just chilling out because neither of us wanted to dance (i'm not a huge dancer myself). Then, a few hours into it, my friends got me to dance and I wanted her to dance with me. She refused, like I couldn't do anything to convince her, which really pissed me off because all I wanted was to dance for like 30 minutes with her. Add that to the fact that she kept ditching me for her friends, and I wasn't having the best night. So we go back to a friend's house after the dance, and i'm really pissed and don't say a word. She asks me what's wrong, I tell her, and she says 'oh'. No apology, not even a recognition as to why i'm angry. After that, I head to an after party at a friends house, get super smashed, send her a few semi angry drunk texts, and then leave for drum corp the next day.

Since I didn't get any sleep the night before drum corp, I must've been up 36 hours straight. So like i'm not in the mood to f**k around at all. I text her and ask her why she didn't dance and kept ditching me and she didn't tell me and didn't even acknowledge that anything was wrong. So i'm sitting here pissed as all hell, and I lose it a little bit. I think I said 'I dont have time for your games, just tell me whats wrong'. Apparently this was reason enough for her to think that I 'don't care about her feelings anymore', so she doesn't talk to me for like a week. After that week she said maybe it's not working out and I said just wanted to talk in person and i'm sure we could work things out, but she wouldn't have it. She avoided me for a whole 'nother week then broke up with her through text.

Moral of the story: girls are unpredictable. This girl went from saying she loved me and texting me for hours a day to avoiding me for two weeks and then ending it. I wasn't even too broken up over it, mainly because I could have seen it coming from a mile away, but I just wanted to share my experience. However, not all high school relationships are bad. I have friends who have been in relationships that last longer than a year, which is pretty impressive for high school standards. Even though most of them end, it still gives you experience for future relationships.

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Re: The Girls Thread

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:45 pm

[quote="TA67"][quote="vivi767"]Girls don't like me. And I base that on absolutely nothing.[/quote]

Basically, this is me.[/quote]

Sounds like something I would say, wait... I have said that

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Re: The Girls Thread

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:16 am

My girl left me for my best friend. That sucked because well... it's a double whammy
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Re: The Girls Thread

Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:48 am

baigern wrote:My girl left me for my best friend. That sucked because well... it's a double whammy

How are things with your best friend then?
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