Getting Cut

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Getting Cut

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:41 pm

Maybe you guys are better then me and haven't been cut from a line :roll: But for those of you who have, what do you do afterwords? do you take a break from drumming or do you put even more time into it? I usually just put more time in, but this year it got me down and have been having trouble getting back into it. So just wondering what you guys do.

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Re: Getting Cut

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 1:01 am

I'd say it depends on your schedule.

If you have more camps coming up: take a day off if you can afford it, remind yourself that one camp does not determine your worth as a drummer, and get back to the grind using the feedback you just got. I know this sounds cliche, but getting cut can be an extremely valuable experience if you make it one. Take it from someone who's been cut several times before.

If you're done auditioning for this season: take whatever amount of time off that you feel is appropriate, but not long enough that you start to really lose focus on the goal that you've set for yourself. If you find it hard to get back into things, find a friend to drum with. If you don't have one, use SS to make one if you want. Whatever you do, make drumming fun again before you add the weight of auditions back in. You're not going to reach your goal if you're not enjoying the path to it (I mean that in a certain sense, as its certainly not meant to be easy.)

Regardless, best of luck man. Keep your chin up, muster up some grit, and keep on diddling

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