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Re: Evans heads

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:25 pm

you may want to reconsider how much you crank the tops. I remember reading somewhere about how the way cavies tune their drums w/ the remos saying that the less you crank it, the less harder the head would be. if they do have the correct technique, at least you know that they aren't feather tapping and actually playing with a good approach (honestly depends on what you're looking for), but in any other case, you should look into getting some evans heads. we use the white hybrid at our school, and i crank them a fair amount, and in my honest opinion, they feel nice. I've used the grey hybrid in high school but it is not as durable as the white. if you're looking more for long term heads and money is a factor, go for the whites, if you're greatly funded and don't mind changing them out once they start to break, go for the grey.

also take into account that the grey hybrids tend to have this weird stretch mark issue if you don't "tune" teach lug evenly. it will start to pull, so make sure you are really carefully when putting them on, or it might start to create a stretch mark. if you do it correctly, you should find that the stretch mark starts to occur in the playing areas as opposed to the edges.

hope this helped!
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