Help me, please.

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Help me, please.

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:35 pm

Ok, so I am working with a line that the director has decided that he wants the snare line to use traditional. I grew up in a small school playing tenors and went to college and played tenors while majoring in music. Well due to a crappy private instructor and no other experience with it, I am very "green" in dealing with traditional. I understand the grip, but I am having a hard time relaying the concept of controling diddles and rolls with the fingers on the left hand. I have decided to try to use the school of thought that keeps the fingers on the stick as much as possible to control diddles. Please help a poor country boy who wants to give his kids the best percussion education possible. Thanks

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Re: Help me, please.

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:39 pm

beef comes from index finger for diddles

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Re: Help me, please.

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:21 pm

rolls, and doubles in traditional come from having a strong "pinch" - which is the squeeze between the thumb, and the area where the thumb hooks to the hand. I call this the "thumb crotch" for lack of a more eloquent term. This is just like the pinch on your right hand between the thumb and index finger, and has the same responsibilities for control.
You have to make sure that your left index finger is properly wrapped around the stick so that with the stick out your index and thumb form a "T". The end of your index finger will sort of flex ,and help pull the stick if this is properly done.

I was taught (back in the '80s') that the middle finger should not be on the stick, but now-a-days that is acceptable, but it is still not used (in most systems). Your ring finger should be loose and flexible, and sort of "kick" the stick (moving with the rebound from the head) against the thumb-crotch pinch to generate the second bounce. In your right hand this what the back 3 fingers do. They catch the bounce.

All of this should be motivated by rotation in the left wrist first, especially at medium tempos. there is much debate about use of the arm to motivate. I am in the camp that the arm should NOT be used to motivate, but should be used at upper tempos to help the wrist gain power, and should be used a bit after wrist motion is secured to create a fatte sound quality.

This is much easier to show than to write about so I hope it is sort of clear....
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