Indoor Vs. Outdoor Tuning

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ramming notes
ramming notes
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Indoor Vs. Outdoor Tuning

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:20 am

Ok so what do you do differently with your tuning going from outdoor to indoor and vice versa? I'm curious to see some of the responses I get. When we are outdoor I tune the snares to a darker deeper sound because we are a small line with a large band I have to get all the sound I can get. I tune the snares dryer than normal but still maintain a good characteristic snare sound. For tenors I tune them down so they are also darker because we are small same with the basses. The basses get a good wet thump out of them for outdoor. For indoor I tune everything up to it has a more bright sound. The snares I make more wet sound and put two strips of stick tape underneath to get a more staccato sound out them so it doesn't get too echoey in the gym. The basses I tune way dryer and crank them up so they can cut in the gym. Due to the fact that the school I teach at bought our drums about 10 -13 years ago I have huge bass drums and two of the top drums are the same size. 22, 22, 24, 26, 28 are our sizes. To compensate for that I have to crank them for indoor or we get a lot of reverb from the gym. The tenors I tune up so I have a nice interval between the drums. I don't tune to pitch I tune to what sounds good. So far I have had only complements from judges on my tuning. What ways does your indoor and your outdoor tuning differ?
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Re: Indoor Vs. Outdoor Tuning

Posted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:18 pm

All 7 year old Pearl Championship series:

- my snares are dark sounding but articulate. Not super reefed, but still a modern sound. Probably a "wetter" snare sound than most on this forum would like, but i want it to sound like a snare (I have never had any complaints about the tuning). Black Max batter/Evans MS3 snare

- tenors (6,6,8,10,12,14) are the "Classic" early '90s' Phantom or SCV sound. High enough to speak, but not so high to take the body of the shell sound out of the picture
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- basses are also the Classic Pearl bass sound of the early/mid 90's. I have 16,18,22 24,28, so I have a good spread. My top 2 are high, but once again, not so high to take the shell charactersitics out of the sound. Bottom is tuned like a punchy drum set bass for "The Spank". Evans MX1's

- same snare heads, but I put one of the Evans sound muffling disks in the snare to muffle the bottom head. I tighten the heads up a bit more, as well as the snares to dry it up a bit
- I change the tenor heads to all Remo Ebony Ebony Suedes, and tune them about as high as I can get them to dry them up.
- on the basses I switch to the Powermax Ebony Suedes, and usually put extra muffling inside. Then crank them really high to dry them up as well...

I also try to write the indoor book so that wha tthe yare playing is compatible with the tuning and the indoor environment. Tuning doesn't matter if you are ramming notes all the time and everything is a big echo-y mess
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