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Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:26 pm
by quadsquad
Any technique tips for keeping consistent threes at a higher dynamic and tempo? I've noticed that I tend to crush the last note as I'm trying to keep my stick heights at a higher dynamic level. I know the stick will naturally go down a little bit, but the height difference is more like a f to a low mp rather than f to mf right now.

Re: Threes

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:30 am
by MrSirEric
Fast threes are one thing where you kinda just have to trust the stick to do it right. I've never really seen any right or wrong technique, every corps just sort of throws them down and just flows it out. The way I see just people play them is with a lot more fulcrum, just barely touching with my back fingers, and I apply slightly more pressure with my middle finger with each of the 3 notes. On the left, if your technique is like mine and always has the middle finger on, it's one of the few rudiments I'd recommend taking it off for (not like ejecting it out into space but just shifting it off the top of the stick momentarily). The weight of both fingers is just slightly too much and it'll be crushed otherwise. Then just use the amount of pressure from your index to control the spacing of the notes. If you're better than me or your really insistent on having both fingers on at all times you may be able to pull it off with both fingers on but I've seen better players than myself still do it with 1 finger so I trust that technique is valid.