PLEASE READ (NEW): Trading/Sharing Music

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PLEASE READ (NEW): Trading/Sharing Music

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:01 pm

Due to recent threads offering free music, as well as requests from staff members of DCI/WGI ensembles, we must clear something up on the issue:

Yes, this is a drum site, and we do offer lots of music that you can't find in other places. However, many people have put up public requests and offers concerning copyrighted materials such as audition packets and exercises that are normally sold online. PLEASE DO NOT POST THREADS OFFERING/ASKING FOR COPYRIGHTED MUSIC.

On the subject of transcriptions, those are generally acceptable, as they are the product of another person's effort. This is why the snare break section on the main site as well as the Transcription Library are perfectly fine. By all means, keep transcribing as you please. In addition, there is no problem with posting music that was originally free (e.g. Free licks from ScoJo's LOTW, free exercises, etc.)

Once again, though, please don't post anything that is meant to be bought. Corps/ensembles sell this music in order to a) keep dues lower, b) pay for tour-related needs, and c) pay for any other related things. Passing that music out publicly over the Internet just undermines their efforts, so please don't post such threads. There are plenty of people here that you can PM about music, but otherwise, we encourage you to support the organizations by purchasing the music yourself.


-SS Staff

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