Blue Devils "Para-Dise" Tenor part

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Blue Devils "Para-Dise" Tenor part

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:04 pm


I'm trying to figure out the tenor part for this warm-up, and it's actually a bit tough because... I have the sheet music, but there are a few errors (wrong patterns, different drums, etc) and I was wondering if anyone has a video of the BD quadline playing the whole thing? There are like two videos where they showcase only the quad solo, but the camera always moves away to show another section instead. I honestly just wanna figure out some of these parts.

Anyone who plays quads and has the sheet music can easily see the errors if they try playing through some of the bars. These little mistakes are probably because of two things: 1) Scott Johnson is a snare drummer, and as we tenor drummers know, tenor music written by snare drummers tends to be slightly awkward on the hands since they don't exactly know how we approach the drums -- not saying that he doesn't know, of course, because his writing is obviously very good -- and 2) he probably entered some patterns wrong in the sheet music software (it happens to all of us, no big deal). Besides the errors, the '09 and '10 lines seem to play some patterns completely different probably because the original patterns were probably too awkward or too boring for them. Who knows?

I'm definitely not gonna post the actual sheet music here, but I'll just describe a few bars just in case some of you are trying to learn this as well:

- Bar 10: Beats 3-e: Says to scrape the right-hand up from drum 3 to drum 2, but that's pretty silly and unnecessarily difficult at that tempo. The BD quadline instead scrapes from drum 3 to drum 1 because it's more natural. This is obviously a typo because bar 12 -- which is a left-handed mirror of bar 10 -- scrapes up drum 4 to drum 2.
- Bar 28: Beats 1-e-&, 2-e-&: Two different double stop triple strokes which are mirrors of each other. Beat 1 is drums 1 (right) and 2 (left), beats e-& are drums 2 (right) and 4 (left); beat 2 is also drums 1 (right) and 2 (left); beats e-& are drums 3 (right) and 1 (left). There's actually nothing wrong with this pattern, but the line plays it differently in this video at 0:39: I can't actually tell what they're playing because of the camera angle. For beats 1-e-&, the right hand is all on drum 3; for beats 2-e-&, the left hand is all on drum 3. I can't figure out what the left hand is doing for beats 1-e-&, and what the crossed-over right hand is doing for beats 2-e-&; they're both the same pattern, but it's either 2-1-1 or 2-1-3. Any assistance on this would be awesome.
- Bar 29: Beat 2: It's not written, but the line does a sticks-in. Not really that important, but I know there are some people out there that care about the little things.
- Bar 35: Beat 1: And then the line does a sticks-out. Again, it's not written, but does it really have to be?
- Bar 36: 3rd and 4th partials of the beat 3 sextuplet: The sticking is a paradiddlediddle (Rlrrll). The first diddle "rr" is written as a scrape from drum 4 to drum 2 which isn't bad. However, the line doesn't scrape at all, they just play both the diddles on drum 2. So the drum pattern would look like 442222 instead of 444222.
- Bar 37: All the left-handed taps (besides the &-a of beat 4): Nothing wrong with them, but the quadline plays them as unaccented crushes instead of low taps. Has an interesting texture to them.
- Bar 37: Beats &-a of beat 4: The music says to play these left-handed taps on drum 3, but considering the context of the patterns, it's pretty awkward. This is probably a typo. The line plays these on drum 2 instead. You should too.
- Bar 38: Instead of trying to awkwardly describe the partials in sextuplets, I'll do it in terms of the rhythmic and sticking patterns -- sorry if it's too convoluted. Capital letters are accents, lowercase letters are taps. The rhythmic pattern is sextuplet - herta (triplet form) - sextuplet - herta (triplet form). The sticking is RlrrLr-llrl-RlrrLr-llrl. The drum pattern is 121313-12(high spock)(low spock)-121313-12(high spock)(low spock). Alright, this pattern's okay, but the line plays it differently. Same rhythm, same rudiments, different drum pattern: 123313-22(high spock)(low spock)-122242-22(high spock)(low spock). I'll check to see if I messed up in trying to explain this, but hopefully you can decipher what I'm trying to say.
- Bar 39: Beats &-a of beats 1 and 3: Says to right-hand scrape from drum 2 to drum 3 which is awkward-ish at that tempo. The line scrapes from drum 1 to 3.
- Bar 41: Beats &-a of beat 2: For beat '&', the line seems to be playing that as a shot on high spock. For beat 'a', the left tap is played on drum 2 instead of drum 3 for obvious awkwardness.
- Bar 43: The first three sextuplets of beats 1, 2, and 3: Rhythm: sextuplet - sextuplet - sextuplet. Old sticking: Rlrrll-RlrrLr-llRlrr. Old pattern (written): 312212-321131-312124. New sticking: Rlrrll-RlrrLr-llRlrr. New pattern (not the one written): 323121-432232-111233. Notice the underlined letters/numbers are cross-overs.
- Bar 44: Beat 1: This might be a right-hand shot on high spock instead of just a regular accent, but I dunno. Someone can verify with this video at 1:13:
- Bar 45: Beat 1: There should be a downbeat here, but it's probably another typo. The line plays a pianissimo right-hand crush on drum 1.
- Bar 55: Beat 1: Right-hand accent on drum 1. Nothing wrong with that until you put it in context with the offbeat right-hand triple strokes on high spock in bars 53-54. If you were to play as written, that last triple stroke means you would play it as (high spock)-(high spock)-1. At that tempo, that's kind of a nightmare even though it's possible to pull off. So instead of awkwardly forcing your hand to move quickly from high spock to drum 1, just play the downbeat of bar 55 on high spock, unaccented (as per the nature of a triple stroke). I believe the line plays it like this, but I'm not sure.

That's pretty much all I can find based on the following videos:

Thanks to anyone who can help. If this post violates the rules in anyway, I'll take it down and possibly PM someone instead.

EDIT: Added bar 55, 36, 29, 35.

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