Flam Factorial

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Flam Factorial

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:00 pm

*.pdf of sheet music: http://fatmattdrums.com/pdf/flam_factorial.pdf

Here's something to work on flam/cheese inverts in a fun way. As you walk down the number of notes in a bar, the even-time bars have inverts, and the odd-time bars just alternate hands. As you can see from my playing, there is a strong tendency to approach accents and diddles differently when you're having to upstroke quickly, versus when you're playing comfortable, alternating sticking patterns.

There's an extra layer of difficulty, too, in throwing inverted flam-taps or cheeses into an otherwise open and comfortable check pattern... a lot of invert exercises (Susie, for example) allow you to maintain a base level of tension in your hands without noticing how it affects tap sound quality, because it's a lot of inverted flam combinations. Throwing lots of contiguous taps in between the cheese inverts is really opening my ears to how much the invert motion causes me to tense up and distort the sound. Having every other pattern consist of regular cheeses/flams (instead of inverted) opens my ears to how the accent/diddle sound quality is affected by the invert motion.
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