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Keyboard Controllers

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:52 pm
by strife470
Poor music student here. I'm wondering what experiences/recommendations everyone has had with a Keyboard controller for song writing/theory/homework ect. ect. Obviously a lot of my stile is percussive and was just wondering on a decent keyboard that I could use for the next 5 years or so.
As of right now I'm using Garage Band and a mouse to do whatever I need to get done, but everything would go so much faster if I had one of these. I just don't know what I'm looking at.

Re: Keyboard Controllers

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:10 pm
by hotbeats645
I have a 25 key Alesis MIDI controller that I use for writing in Sibelius, and I did use it in a pinch when doing theory homework in college. Best bet would be to go for something with a little bigger range so you can also work on two hand stuff with ease.