Beefy Left hand taps and Bucks

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Beefy Left hand taps and Bucks

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:51 pm


so, I read Ryan's article on superposition:
and after practicing that for weeks with match grip, i'm starting to feel super confident with 2 heights and am looking forward to applying that to playing MUSIC.

Now that i've got that pretty solid, i'm trying to work through with the same sort of attention to detail with my left hand traditional grip. So far I'm having difficulty getting my taps to really rebound off the pad, and just making them feel nice and beefy. What I like to do is play around with this exercise with double stops. Are there any other suggestions you guys have to beef up my taps? Should I be relying on both my wrist and fingers, or a majority index/middle for executing those taps? I think once I have a really solid understanding of what that feels like, it will be much easier to throw my wrist up for the accents...etc...

let me know your thoughts

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Re: Beefy Left hand taps and Bucks

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:37 am

The article makes perfect sense and this has been my focus of re-training my hands to play this way lately.I grew up in the era of hard downstroking and choking the sticks to the point of finger numbing pressure. It was brutal, but as a younger person it did not affect me, or so I thought. In my later years of life I needed to relax my approach and this has opened up new speed and a certain calmness, for lack of a better term, to my playing. Ease is the word I'm looking for I think. As Ryan states, this approach lends itself to a more consistent sound and I'm glad I found this, even if it was by necessity.

We can still play with a reserved aggression while at the same time playing with a relaxed feeling. (if that makes sense). You really don't have to bust a blood vessel when you play. Tension is the enemy of every musician.
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Re: Beefy Left hand taps and Bucks

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:31 pm

This is difficult. Try using more velocity at the low end. Velocity means speed, and the stick accelerates as you continue to push it towards the head. That's why strokes from higher heights are louder - you're continuing to push the stick down as it gets closer to the head, so the final velocity of the stick at the instant it hits the drum would be greater from a higher stroke than a lower stroke.

Use more *speed* to accomplish a thicker sound. If you push the stick into the head, a little bit of energy is lost in the drum (and that becomes sound) and the rest of it propels the stick back where it came from. Make sure you're allowing the stick to rebound, but make sure you're attacking at a good speed. And velocity does NOT mean squeeze. Don't create tension beyond what's necessary to reasonably control the stick.
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