North Korea

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Re: North Korea

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:06 pm

VoteLobster wrote:
hurt-a wrote: If we just nuke them, as the comment meant to me, I would find it amazing if fallout didn't spead to one of the other countries.
I'm thinking of the US military just trying to destroy/cripple their military and government. They'd be left in a state of anarchy and the US, SK, UN, China, whoever, will have to take over. Or nobody. But I definitely don't mean we should nuke them. Because we can't nuke the entire country (and that would just make us look hypocritical) it'll cause more problems than we already have. NK is pretty insignificant in the big picture, so it's probably best to leave them alone unless they fire a missile at us or somebody else.

See, if we're careful about what we do to defend against NK, we shouldn't have much collateral damage. We're not going to go 'all-in' and crush the entire country, even though we probably could. When I talk about 'wiping out their entire military,' I'm meaning if they try anything drastic. Missiles are sort of whatever. But if they declare war and FOLLOW THROUGH with it, that's when something of the like could happen. But I seriously doubt it.
When he said turn them into a parking lot, I thought of nukes
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Re: North Korea

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:40 pm

Ehh... going in with a military attack or nuking them... both would probably cause much more trouble than it's worth, unless it's completely necessary.
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