Pearl 14 x 12" Snare Drum

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Pearl 14 x 12" Snare Drum

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:00 pm

First thing's first: I absolutely love this drum.

I bought it in early 2014 because I wanted to be on the snare line at my high school. I did end up making it that year, and marched snare for my last two years of high school.

Last summer, I had the amazing experience of marching in two drum and bugle corps, and I'm looking forward to my second season. Unfortunately, my family has fallen on hard times recently, leaving me to figure out how to pay for the upcoming season alone. My total cost to march the 2016 drum corps season will be $1,100. As a result, I'm selling my beautiful drum, whose name is Deltrese, in order to continue to participate in this activity that I'm so passionate about.

Story-time over; here's some information about Deltrese:

-Shiny mirror finish on shell
-Matte silver hardware

-Top: Evans Hybrid Grey Batter (around $50 new)
-Bottom: Evans Hybrid Snare Side (around $30 new)
-Both are in great condition, only around 8 months old

-No broken or missing parts, everything works exactly as intended
-Bearing edges and shell are in great condition
-Maintained with extreme care. All tension rods greased recently.
-Never used on the field or floor, only used inside as a practice instrument

I'm selling the drum, with the carrier, for $250.

For $50 more, I will include the Dynasty stand as seen in the pictures (around $140 new). The stand is basically indestructible, and will never fall over.

PM me if you're interested!


Image Image Image Image Image Image
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Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 8:12 am

Still for sale?

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