Stick tape and its weight

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Stick tape and its weight

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:34 pm

I've been using Hardimon's forever. They're awesome sticks all-around, but there are bigger fish to fry as I get further along in my chops. For some sticks I'm looking at buying, specifically MM's, they are notoriously fragile. Since I'm not a really hard drummer, I think I could get away without using tape on them, but I DO want them to last longer. So, weight is the next question. How much wight is added if I correctly tape up a pair? As I've said, I have used only Hardimon's and have only taped one pair, albeit quite incorrectly.
Also, how do most corps tape up their sticks? Knowing that, I could try and emulate what they have to work with so I can get a good variety of feels from the best lines.

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Re: Stick tape and its weight

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:59 pm

Stick tape is pretty light, so as long as you're not double layering them (which you'd only ever do if adding weight was what you wanted) it's not gonna affect them that much. However, if you're experienced or you have a pair of sticks that you've been using untaped for a long time and you suddenly decide to tape them, you're gonna notice a difference if you tape them all the way down like drum corps do.

If you want to tape them like drum corps do, all the way down, the way I know where to stop is this: stop around the "I" in "Firth" for Vic Firth sticks (you can change any of these a little depending on your personal preference, there's not an exact point.), stop around where the signature starts on Innovative Percussion sticks (this one is especially subject to change since everyone has a different name), and stop at the black/blue/whatever ring on Promark sticks, although this tends to be a little high for some people.

If you're really worried about changing the weight, only tape to the shoulder of the stick. You really shouldn't be hitting shots any lower than that. It'll look a little weird, but I like it for solos.
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