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Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:56 pm

Here's a quick and dirty list of popular practice pads and a few pros and cons on each:

INVADER V3: Awesome feel and adequate articulation. Requires maintenance. Backside dark matter has even better articulation. Amazingly durable and solid.
INVADER LONE STAR: Yellow base. Features dark matter only on batter side, with carbon fiber laminate. Excellent articulation, and the response is knocked down a notch with laminate. Underside is neoprene.
INVADER SCOJO: Maybe it's just me, but I feel single sided dark matter pads have slightly less "bounce" than two sided. Maybe it's the density created of having dark matter on both top and bottom. Actually more accurate to snare. feeling pad. Articulation circle is perfect. One of my favorites.
EVANS REAL FEEL: Classic practice pad. Two sided. Black side is a little "clicky" but gives better audible feedback, while grey side feels spongy, and is very quiet. It does have a pleasing "thwap" pad sound that few other pads duplicate.
PRENTICE PAD: Creative design. Simple, small 6" gum rubber playing surface that really feels great. Good articulation, feedback and sound. Splits apart for creating various playing angles.
OFFWORLD V3 GUM RUBBER: All of the build quality you expect, with rim, and a thick layer of gum rubber. Has a unique "hollow" tone -- it kinda sings when you play it -- and is extremely bouncy. People with pad hands might want to avoid it.
PROLOGIX DAVE ELLIS 14": Pretty blue laminate, rubberish feeling (and quiet) rim on a light wood base. Backside is gum rubber for tenor players. Good concept, but the tenor pads are awfully small. Little tough to play on. Laminate side features a red gum rubber base underneath. It sorta feel like you're playing on a sheet of lucite glass. Very clicky and not too bouncy. An acquired taste.
PROLOGIX ALL IN ONE: Great concept. Red gum rubber base and rim, comes with blue neoprene for late night playing or a greater workout, and a coated insert for practicing brushes. Same birch wood base. Only knock is that the wood base is a little thin and light. Not dense enough to give better bounce off rubber. Maybe it was by design, but this gum rubber pad has a very singular feel. Like it or hate it.
HQ ECO PAD: Made from ground up tires. Slightly dead rubber feel that is actually pretty nice. Not too bouncy. Like the triangular shape. 12". Backside is the same material pack more densely for more sound and articulation. Underrated pad.
DW SMART PAD: Features two playing surfaces -- gum rubber and a denser rubber that's loud, clicky, and frankly maybe OK for accents. Gum rubber feels coated with something so it's smooth to the touch and feels a little less responsive. Do like the nice slab of wood it's mounted on. Underwhelming pad.
LUDWIG P3 PAD: Looked good on paper, but frankly I don't get this one. Four small playing surfaces varying in feel, sound and density. The black gum rubber feels like you're playing on the edge of a table, while densest strip on top is just noisy, hard and kinda pointless. Sectors are really too small and no, it doesn't make you feel like you're moving around a drum kit. Gimmick.

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Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 6:35 pm

Nice short "get the gist" reviews. This definitely might help people narrow their pad selection to a few more, where they could search for reviews that go into more detail.
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Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:36 am

Ranking: 1a) Invader V3/Scojo; 2) Invader V3 Lone Star; 3) Prologix All in One; 4) Real Feel; 5) Eco Pad; 6) Prologix Dave Ellis; 7) Prentice; 8) v3 Gum Rubber; 9) DW Smart Pad; 10) Ludwig P4 (don't buy).

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Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:01 pm

I've seen reviews 10x as long as this and some this long and shorter but this is the most helpful to me
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Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 8:34 am

A little late posting this but I've only had a few pads and most have worked out for me in the long run. 1.) Invader Offworld Kevlar Laminate; it has a tone really similar to the heavy hitter but much more articulate 2.) Ahead Gum Rubber Reserve; this pad was good when I bought it and it still holds up when I dont have my Invader with me. I actually forgot my pad at home during a camp weekend so it was a quick buy during a lunch block lol. 3.) Ahead 10in reserve plastic laminate; this one I was not fond of whatsoever. The head cracked within a few weeks of having it and the overall tone just didn't sit well with me.
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